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At FASE, we are committed to revitalizing your journey towards a healthy mind and body. We specialize in providing innovative CBD and nutraceutical solutions that empower individuals to recover from injuries, maintain well-being, and unlock their full potential. By integrating alternative medicine with modern health practices, we offer personalized protocols to address various phases of recovery and treatment. Join us on the path to renewed vitality and experience the transformative power of FASE.

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Our Story

Natural Performance LLC was born out of a lifelong friendship and a shared passion for adventure between childhood friends Jon and Teddy. They first met in 7th grade and quickly became great friends, embarking on numerous thrilling adventures together. Snowboarding became their mutual love, driving them to push their limits and discover their true potential.

After years apart, Jon and Teddy reconnected on a snowboarding trip in Snowbird, Utah and realized their visions aligned perfectly. They decided to combine their expertise and embark on a joint venture. Their goal was to develop hemp-based products that enhance performance, promote body recovery, and foster mind/body harmony.

With their combined expertise and commitment to quality, they founded Natural Performance. Cultivating hemp in West Virginia and Maryland, they ensure the highest quality ingredients for their products. Manufacturing from a facility in Southern California, they prioritize third-party testing to ensure effectiveness.

Jon and Teddy’s journey from childhood friends to business partners exemplifies the power of shared passions and lifelong connections. Through FASE, they aim to positively impact the well-being of their customers, just as their friendship has profoundly impacted their lives.

Expertise & Knowledge

With 8 years of extensive experience in cultivation and horticulture management, as well as expertise in branding, packaging, formulating, manufacturing, and creating and implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), our team is well-equipped to offer comprehensive solutions within the cannabis industry.

Our cultivation and horticulture management experience spans across various cultivation methods, including indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse, and encompasses plant nutrition, pest management, cultivation techniques, and harvesting practices. This deep knowledge of cultivation and horticulture allows us to ensure optimal plant health and maximize yields, while adhering to best practices and industry regulations.

In addition to our cultivation expertise, we excel in branding, packaging, and formulation, leveraging our industry insights and consumer preferences to create unique and appealing products. Our manufacturing capabilities are backed by efficient and compliant production processes, with SOPs in place to ensure consistent quality and compliance.

Our 8 years of diverse experience within the cannabis industry have given us a deep understanding of the market dynamics, regulations, and consumer demands, allowing us to provide tailored solutions to our clients. We are committed to delivering exceptional results through our extensive knowledge and expertise in cultivation, horticulture management, branding, packaging, formulation, manufacturing, and SOP implementation.

Meet the Owners

about Teddy Lascaris COO

Teddy Lascaris

With 8 years of cultivation and horticulture management expertise.
Jonathan Ross-Turcios - CEO

Jonathan Ross-Turcios

With 8 years of expertise in cannabis industry branding, packaging, formulation, and manufacturing.

Industry Outlook: Embracing the Opportunity

  • Struggled to find transparent, reliable manufacturers for our products.
  • Observed poor quality products in the market from other companies.
  • Decided to integrate manufacturing within our company to ensure product quality and maintain quality control.
  • All products undergo 3rd party accredited testing to ensure the highest quality for our customers.

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